Employee Communications


Employee Communications

Dynamic Employee Communications

When it comes to employee benefits, there’s a growing emphasis on employee participation in decision making. As such, it’s critical that your plan members be provided with the information and resources they need in an effective, simple, and intelligible way. This is where our expertise comes in. Our in-house communications strategists, research specialists, writers, designers, and project managers create research-based, results-oriented, and dynamic collateral aimed to effectively engage your employees and encourage positive behavioral change.

Our full-service communication capabilities include the following services:

  • Developing communications and brand strategy for HR- and benefits-related collateral
  • Writing, designing, and producing culture-changing employee communications
  • Drafting of compliance communications including SPDs, SBCs, and requirement plan notifications
  • Creating and incorporating brand-specific graphic design into your HR & benefits communications
  • Scripting and producing communications for open enrollments, new-hire orientations, and recruiting
  • Translating communication pieces into multiple languages, as needed
  • Developing and implementing our web-based portal for plan enrollment

We found that including the following components is particularly effective for employee comprehension & engagement:

  • “Using Your Plans” Brochure—The most effective way to improve comprehension of your benefits program is by increasing utilization. A “Using Your Plans” brochure will help employees get the most from their benefits plans and educate them about preventive care. Each brochure includes a wallet-card with the contact information for plan vendors so employees get the answers they need quickly and easily.
  • Benefits Overview for Recruits & New Hires—This promotional piece serves as a concise, effective summary of your benefits programs for existing employees, new hires, and prospective employees.
  • New-Hire Orientation—This communication piece is essentially an enhanced training for new hires to review during their onboarding processes. The piece includes information detailing each plan, outlining how to use the benefits, and specifying the role of the employee in utilizing coverage.
  • Quarterly Benefits Newsletter—Use a quarterly newsletter mailed to homes and posted online to educate employees and promote informed health and financial decision-making.
  • Frequent Online Updates and/or Flyers—When a program is altered or introduced and/or new resources become available, it’s wise to share the information company-wide via an online portal or on-site flyer. Ensure employees can easily find supplemental information in case they have questions.

Regardless of the above communication method(s) you choose, our consultants have the experience and talent to create high-quality benefits communications for your employees.

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