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Health & Wellbeing

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Benefits costs can no longer be successfully managed by raising employee contributions, switching plan designs, or swapping vendors. These traditional strategies must be expanded to include more advanced, interconnected approaches, such as focusing on higher-cost populations, maintaining a healthy workforce, and encouraging changes in employee behavior. Achieving these objectives requires establishing a series of short-, mid-, and long-term goals and benchmarks, which also will evolve with time.

Our suite of health-and-wellness programs addresses the entire continuum of an employee’s potential emotional and physical issues holistically. Through our core initiatives, employees gain the tools and resources necessary to achieve their personal health-and-wellness goals.

We consult with our clients on the following efforts:

  • Developing comprehensive wellness programs designed to encourage participants’ healthy behaviors
  • Implementing consumer healthcare arrangements that engage employees and their family members in managing their health and related finances
  • Modifying plan designs so employees are rewarded for adopting certain behaviors (e.g., enrollment in a weight-loss clinic, participation in care-management programs, etc.) in the form of reduced employee contributions or improved benefits
  • Redefining the medical expenses covered by the plan and the extent to which they’re covered (e.g., the increasing prevalence of a “lifestyle” drug tier with higher employee cost sharing). Similar discussions are being conducted about a “lifestyle” medical tier with lower plan benefits, or none at all; we would plan to develop a set of principles and potential healthcare expenses to be included in a redefinition of medical necessity)

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Case Studies

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