Loss Control & Safety

Your Business is Your Passion. We Help Protect It.

Effectively administered safety incentive programs, such as risk avoidance procedures, effective drug free and safety policy implementations, and return-to-work programs can create incentive credits and premium savings and these programs have proven invaluable to our clients who have implemented them. We can help you initiate a cost-effective comprehensive safety and health program through written policies and programs, facility evaluation, employee and supervisory training, safety committees, employee involvement, and more. If you need onsite assistance in implementing a turn-key program, we can also be there to direct daily activities.

Our loss control and safety services include:

  • Onsite and Online Safety Training Programs
  • Safety Inspections & Audits
  • Loss Control/Safety Program Development
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration
  • FEMA Loss Recovery
    • Fleet Safety Services
    • Safety Manuals
    • Workplace Accident Investigation
    • Workers Compensation Claims Analysis
    • Toolbox Safety Topics

Onsite and Online Safety Training Programs

We offer a wide variety of OSHA compliant safety training programs which can be made available as on-site event meetings through safety committee coordination or as online safety training courses for your employees. The employee trainings we offer include:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Back Safety
  • Construction Safety Orientation
  • Decision Driving
  • Disaster Readiness
  • Electrical Safety
  • Employee Safety Training
  • Excavations, Trenching & Shoring
  • Eye Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Fire Prevention
  • First Aid
  • Forklift Safety
  • Hand & Power Tool Safety
  • Hazard Communication
  • Hazard Recognition
    • Hearing Safety
    • Heat Stress
    • Leadership Skills for Safety
    • Lockout and Tag-out
    • Office Ergonomics
    • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Respiratory Safety
  • Storm Water Safety

Stay In OSHA Compliance

Be confident about your OSHA compliance as we assist you in the following ways:

  • Up-to-date materials about the latest OSHA rules and regulations
  • Facility inspection, including evaluation of machine guarding and assessment of physical hazards
  • OSHA 300 Log recordkeeping, including electronic logs and explanation of requirements
  • Coordination of industrial hygiene air and noise standards
  • Regulatory updates about changing standards
  • Quarterly OSHA newsletters

Loss Control Action Plans

Cut costs with an effective loss control action plan starting today. Collaborating with you, we offer the following services and much more:

  • Evaluation of current programs, policies and procedures
  • Statistical analysis of workers’ compensation losses, OSHA 300 logs and loss runs
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Review of experience modifiers for accuracy
  • Development, execution and continued supervision of a loss control action plan
  • Development of new written safety policies and programs

Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Mod

Reduce the number and severity of your workers’ compensation claims through safety programs in the workplace.

  • Assistance and training in the development and organizational structure of a safety committee
  • Creation and implementation of a new employee safety orientation program
  • Employee flyers and presentations
  • Safety meeting topics
  • Written safety manuals and policies
  • Facilitation of goal setting
  • Ergonomics programs
  • Establishment of an injury review process

Return-to-Work Programs

Get injured employees back on the job sooner with our resources for creating effective return to work programs:

  • Identification of light duty jobs
  • Development of an ADA-compliant written policy and job descriptions

Supervisory Training

Make sure everyone is on board with the loss control initiatives you’ve implemented, using our supervisory training materials, which emphasize:

  • The financial impact of employee injuries
  • How to prevent worker back injury
  • The basics of cumulative trauma injuries
  • How to improve ergonomics of workstations

Case Studies

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