Analysis & Cost Control


Analysis & Cost Control

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The increasing costs of healthcare, along with rising expectations of employees, are a major cause of concern. Minimizing new internal and external expenses wherever possible is our mission-critical priority. We help ensure your investment in your employee-benefits plans is strategic and economically sound by employing major resources in data analysis—both consultative tools and industry experts.

We’re differentiated from our competitors by the sheer volume of our data-analytical tools and resources, which are typically included as part of your core services. We focus our data analysis efforts on appropriateness and accuracy; as such, our requisite understanding of the relevance, power, and potential limitations of various data will help you estimate costs so you can make the most informed decisions possible. We’ll help you balance your employees’ needs with your own capabilities, budget, and bottom line so you get precisely the plan you need—with an unwavering focus on cost control both now and in the future.

Using our statistically founded analytical tools, we’re able to identify claim trends and cost drivers, forecast trends in healthcare costs, and analyze plan design and funding alternatives with reliability and certainty. And rather than relying on self-reported survey results, we have real-time analytical tools (e.g., systems, surveys, tools, and metrics) to benchmark your programs. These tools enable us to measure the competitiveness of your current benefit programs, provide supporting data to make recommendations and decisions, and evaluate and analyze your claim costs and plan utilization against industry norms—which is perhaps the most valuable data point to consider when establishing cost-management strategies.

Our extensive library of employee surveys provides insight into employee satisfaction, the most desired employee-benefits plans, and overall satisfaction with employment. We customize these surveys according to our clients and proliferate them in various forms: via paper, email, and/or the web. We’ll do all of the legwork and data input, so you don’t have to.

Once we help you understand how your cost and utilization metrics compare, we’ll continue to measure and benchmark these metrics over time to evaluate and adjust strategies as needed.

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