Amateur Sports & Recreation Programs

We’ve developed a variety of products and services customized for amateur sports and youth programs, including sports camps and tournaments or events of all sizes, across the country.  While this section highlights some of the programs we offer, it’s by no means all-inclusive. If you’re an amateur sports organization you typically purchase insurance for two reasons: to protect your organization, and to protect your members. If you’re a small business owner, you need comprehensive general liability insurance to protect you and your staff against liability claims, as well as accident medical coverage to protect your participants. As a program administrator, we’ll provide you with a competitively priced, comprehensive insurance plan. We can tailor an insurance program to meet this dual need with coverages such as the following:

  • Third Party Commercial General Liability
  • Participant Legal Liability
  • Participant Accident Medical
  • Catastrophic Medical (if needed)
  • Ancillary Coverages (Property, Workers Compensation, etc.)

We can also custom tailor a programs for your specific customer group. Some of the groups and programs we serve include:

  • National Youth Sports Organizations
  • State Soccer Associations
  • National Governing Bodies
  • State High School Associations
  • Sporting Events
  • Sports Camps & Clinics and Tournaments/Events
  • Sports Facilities (Gymnastics Clubs, Martial Arts Studios, Dance Studios)
  • Non-Sports Camps & Clinics
  • Teams & Leagues
  • Sports, Fitness & Dance Instructors
  • Entertainers & Performers
  • Health Clubs & Personal Training Studios

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