Faculty & Staff Benefits

Best-in-Class Practices for Faculty & Staff

You invest a lot in your faculty and staff. We’ll invest the time and resources needed to ensure the best return on your school’s investment in their benefits packages. As a recognized national leader in developing and supporting innovative employee benefits programs, we’ll provide the comprehensive compliance, administrative, communications and analytical support that makes sense for you. Our solutions go above and beyond traditional cost-cutting strategies that reduce expenses while improving productivity, health and satisfaction for your employees.

A healthier workforce starts with employees who are invested in their well-being and have the support they need to make their health a priority. Our Health & Wellness Solutions deliver strategies that help employees and their families make voluntary behavior changes that reduce their health risks. Our staff includes highly skilled health and wellness experts, including physicians and registered nurses, who provide clinical health management consulting services. Our HR solutions identify ways to improve morale, safety, efficiency, and performance while also reducing employee benefits costs.

What We Offer

Analysis & Cost Control
Through meaningful metrics, we’ll help you measure impact, and then be attentive and flexible as demands and priorities change, so you can maximize the value of your benefit programs.
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We’ll be your trusted advisor and support system for keeping up with new and constantly changing laws and regulations, so you can proactively make the necessary adjustments.
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Employee Communications
We’ll provide the highest levels of strategic and tactical design and branding expertise to create top-notch employee communication materials, tools, and consulting.
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Health & Wellness Programs
We’ll provide clinical health strategies to help lower your costs and increase employee productivity through ongoing wellness monitoring and incentives.
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Administration & Technology
Leveraging the latest technology tools, we’ll work with you as part of your team, to help you manage the day-to-day administration of your health plan operations and strategies.
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Retirement Consulting
Our retirement consultants and actuaries use sophisticated tools, research, and expertise to deliver a tailored solution that balances your retirement program risks and costs with plan objectives.
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