NCAA Group Basic Accident Medical Program


In response to the rising cost of medical expenses and insurance premiums related to athletics injuries, the NCAA has created the NCAA Group Basic Accident Medical Program. By combining four key pillars for success, the program is designed to “Bridge the Gap” between risk management and athletics. When fully implemented, this program will empower institutions to control costs and reduce expenses.

Our Pillars for Success


The NCAA has leveraged its collective resources to produce and tailor a superior insurance program that protects the student-athlete’s well-being and the institution’s financial status. The product has been designed uniquely and specifically for NCAA members with the Master Policy form negotiated on behalf of the schools in accordance with NCAA regulations. Premiums will be derived from each participating institution’s individual claims experience using a consistent and “open book” approach.


The NCAA and its risk management partners have designed optimal customer services that are unrivaled in the marketplace – including an online system to manage all information related to the program. In addition to standard claim services, the program also provides electronic incident (claims) reporting, real-time claims tracking and seamless claims management from the basic plan into the catastrophic plan. Network cards and direct provider negotiations are also an integral part of the package.

Cost Containment  

The NCAA is committing the financial and management resources to facilitate the initiation and success of the program and has negotiated a cap of the insurer’s profit that allows excess profits to be shared with participating member institutions. The program is transparent relative to all costs associated with program administrators – with fee thresholds at or below standard basic accident commission levels.

Risk Management  

The NCAA and its partners have developed “Best Practices” to assist member institutions in maximizing opportunities to control and reduce medical expenses related to athletics injuries. These include effective techniques for managing risk such as primary insurance tracking, tailored provider networks and the establishment of a risk management team. The web-based “Virtual Risk Manager”, created exclusively for this program, will provide a dedicated resource for participating institutions to access best practices and claims information 24 hours a day.

NCAA Primary Blanket Accident Plan

Schools currently participating in the NCAA Group Basic Accident Medical Program (“Program”) are eligible to purchase this coverage.

Policy Structure

  1. Provides primary coverage while participating in covered athletic events only.
  2. The plan is not available on a voluntary basis. Purchase of the coverage is MANDATORYfor all intercollegiate student athletes without primary insurance and those whose primary plan specifically excludes intercollegiate athletic injuries. (Most student accident & sickness policies fall into this category). It is also MANDATORY for those whose primary insurance is secondary to all other plans such as military or governmental administered insurance programs and should be considered for those whose insurance is limited to out-of-area HMO/PPO’s.
  3. The school must provide a roster of all of their uninsured intercollegiate student athletes at the time of purchase. This is done on-line through the NCAA Online Risk Manager. An athlete may be added any time during the year and coverage is effective at 12:01 AM following the date submitted.
  4. The policy will be issued to the NCAA.
  5. Each school electing this coverage will be issued a memorandum of coverage and a plan of insurance.
  6. A draft of the plan of insurance and memorandum of coverage is available upon request.

Plan Design
$250 deductible with $5,000 accident medical maximum


  1. Football or rugby participants – $1,297 per person per policy year or any portion thereof.
  2. Medium Risk Sports – $775 per person per policy year or any portion thereof.
  3. Low Risk Sports – $475 per person per policy year or any portion thereof
  4. The NCAA Online Risk Manager prints an invoice upon submission of name list(s). Each invoice is payable within 30 days of the effective date of coverage.


  1. This coverage will be offered directly to all schools who participate in the NCAA Basic Program.

More Coverages

  • Expanded Cheerleading Coverage
  • Coaches Choice
  • Promotional Indemnity – Prize Insurance
  • Event Cancellation Coverage
  • Weather Coverage
  • Incentive Bonus

Expanded Cheerleading Coverage  

Summit America has the ability to provide expanded coverage for cheerleaders where some basic accident medical or catastrophic coverage falls short. Events that can be covered with this product include camp or clinic participation, promotional events, and cheerleading competitions. To request a proposal, simply indicate on the Online Quotation Request Form that you are interested in a quote for coverage.

Promotional Indemnity – Prize Insurance   

Most people are familiar with half-court basketball shots and hole-in-one contests but these don’t even scratch the surface of the creative ways that your school can increase its revenue. You can also partner with a sponsor which can offset the cost of insurance while increasing the sponsor’s visibility, helping you to further enhance this critical relationship.

Event Cancellation Coverage   

As Hurricane Katrina showed, one devastating occurrence can have a financial impact for years to come. Whether it’s the Final 4, a conference tournament, or an institution’s complete sporting season, significant dollars are at stake should such a catastrophic event cause the cancellation or postponement of your event(s). Expenses, and in some cases gross revenue, can be included under this cover to address the unexpected which seems to occur more often than ever these days. In addition to hurricanes, perils such as communicable disease and terrorist acts can be included in this protection.

Weather Coverage  

Have you ever had an outdoor event impacted by rain? How much money did it cost the school? Did you know that you can protect against poor weather during your outdoor events? Rain insurance provides just such peace of mind as this coverage reimburses the institution if the insured amount of rain falls during the insured hours of the event. Simple as that! Don’t let your next fundraiser be at risk.

Incentive Bonus  

incentive bonuses in their coach’s contracts to help motivate and maximize a team’s performance. Did you know that these bonuses are often insurable? The bonuses themselves are typically a liability on the school’s balance sheet until the season is completed. Insurance coverage removes these liabilities and frees cash for the marketing – or other – department to spend in a more productive manner. This protection also stabilizes the maximum amount of financial obligation to be incurred by the school, making a successful season a truly ‘win-win’ scenario.

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