Risk Management

Comprehensive Risk-Management Solutions

One reason our customers tell us they like working with us is because of the passion and commitment we bring to the table. We don’t just sell it and walk away, we want to put a new spin on things and become an indispensable part of your team. Our most successful relationships are about more than insurance; they’re about connecting with our business partners on a deeper level to provide them the value of insightful counsel. Think of us as your strategic partners with distinctive industry expertise, thinking ahead for you to help you deal proactively with the financial, operational and strategic risks you face now and into the future. Leave the worrying to us so you can focus on what you do best–gaining competitive advantage.

As one of the country’s leading insurance brokers, we provide a wide range of innovative risk management products and services for our clients. We take a balanced approach that integrates advanced clinical resources and business intelligence to deliver superior results. We proactively partner with our commercial clients to assess their needs; develop creative solutions to identify and manage risk, lower costs and optimize performance; and consistently deliver superior results. With our comprehensive team of risk management professionals and access to the top commercial insurance providers, we promise our clients the most effective risk management services in the marketplace.

Not sure where to start? Need us to participate in meetings? Review or help create plans and budgets? Address any questions, comments or concerns you might have about what’s coming down the line and what you should be thinking about? We’re there. Whatever the size of your organization, no matter what phase of business development you’re in or how complex your risk, you can count on us to ask the right questions and listen, so that we can help you uncover those risks and discover new opportunities to make your business more successful, now and into the future. In this way, we can help you get the most innovative, efficient solution available that fits your needs and your budget.

We offer consulting on an extensive and comprehensive list of risk management solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Alternative Risk Financing Strategies
  • Business Income Needs Analysis
  • Captive Feasibility Study and Solutions
  • Claims Review
  • Classification Review
  • Contingent Exposure Identification
  • Contract Analysis
  • Contractual Risk Transfer Mechanisms
  • Cost of Risk Allocation
  • Disaster Response Planning
  • Flood/Earthquake Analysis
  • Frequency/Severity Assessments
  • Insurance Coverage Analysis
  • Program Design and Consolidation
  • Data analytic approaches

Saving You Money With Industry-Leading Claims And Policy Administration.

The relationship we build by listening to your needs, concerns, and stories allows us to architect a system for claims management, loss-control services, and policy administration that saves you time and money. We’re renowned in the industry for comprehensive claims-management solutions because our programs consistently reduce the frequency, cost, and duration of claims.

We also offer reporting packages and a deep understanding of industry-specific risk-management tools that can help you see the big picture and make necessary adjustments. Our experts offer the consulting, design, and support necessary to build and maintain your plan so insurance becomes an asset to your organization.

Resilience Comes From Preparing For, Adapting To, And Recovering From Loss.

Knowing about insurance is just the start. We help assess your risk, then design coverage, streamline claims, and put your mind at ease. Our solutions are geared toward offering innovative coverage at an affordable price and an exposure to risk with which you are comfortable. As partners for ideas and solutions, we can help assess your risk and create strategies to minimize it. We understand the challenges of managing your coverage so that you can plan for success. Anticipating, evaluating, and controlling your exposure is tough as your organization changes. You need a talented team by your side to provide solutions in the short- and long-term. Work with us and we’ll change the way you think about commercial property and casualty insurance.

A Word About Claims Management

While it’s ideal to have an accident free business, you prepare for the worst and when claims do need to be filed we want that experience to be as smooth as possible for you. Unless your claims are paid promptly and properly, nothing else matters. We’re your advocates and will fight for you, when needed, to get you answers and resolution as quickly as possible. Before it even comes to that, we make contract certainty and policy issuance the highest priority. And it goes without saying that strict regulatory compliance is non-negotiable for us. We know that your success comes from our relentless commitment to being in your corner, with whatever you need, whenever you need it, day in and day out.

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